"The Christmas Prophecies" by David Asscherick

"The Christmas Prophecies" by David Asscherick [HQ]

Date Posted: 12 Jul 2018
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Prophetica 2017
Great leaders remind us that the farther we can look back into our history the more clearly we can see our future. PROPHETICA 2017 looked as far back and as far forward as anyone ever has. PROPH... [more]

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The Prophecy Everybody Needs to Know (15/15)
by · 388 views · HQ
Blood In, Blood Out (5/15)
by · 462 views · HQ
Should Protestants Still be Protesting? (10/15)
by · 343 views · HQ
Europe & ISIS - An Impossible Peace? (4/15)
by · 422 views · HQ
The Perils of Prediction (1/15)
by · 402 views · HQ
The Christmas Prophecies (8/15)
by · 387 views · HQ
Can Archaeology Reveal Our Future? (3/15)
by · 419 views · HQ
The Future of Marriage in Australia (12/15)
by · 331 views · HQ
The Punk, The Parsley (11/15)
by · 365 views · HQ
Can We Live Forever? (2/15)
by · 455 views · HQ
Reasons to be Nervous About America (14/15)
by · 521 views · HQ
The Future of Food as Medicine (7/15)
by · 547 views · HQ
I've just have been diagnosed with high cholesterol or I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Can I change the way I live to help my condition? (more)
Live Long or Die Short? Lifestyle Choices (9/15)
by · 369 views · HQ
History's Secret Codes Unearthed (6/15)
by · 451 views · HD


The Actual... Certain, Unavoidable Identity of the Antichrist
by · 10827 views · LQ
In this video we will identify the Antichrist, from the Bible. We will note ten identifying characteristics from the Bible, and then draw the obvious conclusion. As we shall see, it is really an elementary matter. (more)
The Forgotten Dream
by · 5459 views · HQ
Will this world ever come to an end? And what will actually take place? In this first session, we will answer these two question based on a prediction of an ancient record that is so accurate. And to reveal the m... (more)
Baptized Paganism - Part II
by · 5356 views · LQ
A subject that will open your eyes to where many of the things we believe came from and how they affect us. You will be surprised how a simple act can change the Whole course of history and leave people in darkness. (more)
Global Warnings
by · 6634 views · HD
Population Explosion, melting icecaps, peak oil, food crises. What will bring about the end of our world? The Bible predicts cataclysmic signs of the end to take place in our time. Join us as we gain understanding a... (more)
The Roman Empire, the United States, and a Collapsing Society
by · 8106 views · HQ
Rome was the world most powerful, richest, and technological advance in the then known world. But why did Rome fell? Let’s find out about the striking similarities between the conditions of the Roman Empire ju... (more)
'X' Mark the Spot - The Bible Treasure Map
by · 5545 views · HQ
The Bible contains surprising prophecies outlining the past, present and future events on earth with clearity and authority. (more)
All Eyes on the Temple
by · 6116 views · HQ
Will the Temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt? Will the antichrist rule from Jerusalem one day? During this amazing presentation we find an amazing message in the Temple for world leaders today. It may be the most importa... (more)
Israel Delusion
by · 5840 views · HQ
Newsweek Magazine, 1st Nov 1999 says “The predominant emphasis in Christian prophecy is on the return of the Jews to the Holy Land and the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple”. This is what Christian... (more)
History's Greatest Cover Up
by · 8966 views · HQ
The Bible prophesies that a religious cult will rise and deceive many. See from the Bible how we can identify what this cult is and how we can avoid being deceived. (more)
Who Will Be In Control?
by · 6026 views · HD
Journey to Iraq and discover the ancient prophecy that foretells the world’s future. Pulling aside the curtain it highlights future events, revealing who will fix the deep seated global problems of our world. (more)
How Jesus Christ Will Defy the Skeptics and Return to Earth
by · 8037 views · LQ
The word "rapture" does not appear in the Bible. Yet, correctly understood, it is a Biblical teaching. Let's find out from the Bible, how and when the "rapture" will take place in relation to other end-time events. (more)
Who is Israel?
by · 6997 views · LQ
Today, millions of people are looking for the decedent of Abraham to build a literal kingdom of God in this earth. But the important question is, is the modern day Israel still the Israel of God? Let's find out. (more)