"Eight Amazing Predictions That Sealed The Fate of a Super City" by Gary Kent

"Eight Amazing Predictions That Sealed The Fate of a Super City" by Gary Kent [HQ]

Date Posted: 26 Jul 2018
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Prophetica 2017
Great leaders remind us that the farther we can look back into our history the more clearly we can see our future. PROPHETICA 2017 looked as far back and as far forward as anyone ever has. PROPH... [more]

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The Prophecy Everybody Needs to Know (15/15)
by · 4422 views · HQ
Blood In, Blood Out (5/15)
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Should Protestants Still be Protesting? (10/15)
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Europe & ISIS - An Impossible Peace? (4/15)
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The Perils of Prediction (1/15)
by · 4703 views · HQ
The Christmas Prophecies (8/15)
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Can Archaeology Reveal Our Future? (3/15)
by · 4496 views · HQ
The Future of Marriage in Australia (12/15)
by · 4206 views · HQ
The Punk, The Parsley (11/15)
by · 6703 views · HQ
Can We Live Forever? (2/15)
by · 4300 views · HQ
Reasons to be Nervous About America (14/15)
by · 5697 views · HQ
The Future of Food as Medicine (7/15)
by · 4703 views · HQ
I've just have been diagnosed with high cholesterol or I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Can I change the way I live to help my condition? (more)
Live Long or Die Short? Lifestyle Choices (9/15)
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History's Secret Codes Unearthed (6/15)
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When Jesus Comes for You
by · 7133 views · HQ
What are the signs of Jesus second coming? Is it true it'll be quiet and secret or is it going to be loud? Let's open up your Bible! (more)
The Last Empire
by · 13651 views · HQ
Discover ancient prophecy of Scriptured revealing the very last Empire to exist here on planet Earth. (more)
Life After Life
by · 7940 views · HQ
In 1997, 39 members of Heaven's Gate movement take their own life believing comet Hale-Bopp is the apocalytic sign for them to move to the next life. As strange as it sounds there are plenty of after life theor... (more)
Bible Prophecy Answer for Suffering
by · 9958 views · LQ
If God is so good, then why does the world seem so bad most of the time? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does there have to be so much pain, suffering and sorrow in the world today? What is going on? (more)
Why So Many Churches?
by · 9075 views · HD
A quick internet search reveals thousands of different churches. Why so many? Are any right? Are any wrong? Does it matter? Discover the Bible’s simple answer to difficult questions that have challenged many (more)
Is There Hope For a Planet in Crisis?
by · 4718 views · HD
People are stressed and anxious. Pain, suffering and evil are everywhere we turn. Society is facing serious challenges that have got everyone worried. Is there any hope? (more)
Baptized Paganism - Part II
by · 7019 views · LQ
A subject that will open your eyes to where many of the things we believe came from and how they affect us. You will be surprised how a simple act can change the Whole course of history and leave people in darkness. (more)
The Strange Man of Mud & Metal
by · 6954 views · LQ
Predicting the future can be a risky business. Many tried to predict the future and failed. Let’s find out about the Biblical prophecy about the future that has been accurate over the past 2500 years. (more)
Who Will Be In Control?
by · 8781 views · HD
Journey to Iraq and discover the ancient prophecy that foretells the world’s future. Pulling aside the curtain it highlights future events, revealing who will fix the deep seated global problems of our world. (more)
Why Are There So Many Denominations?
by · 5379 views · LQ
Why do you think there are so many churches today? If the church of Christ is supposed to bring unity, why have people divided into so many denominations? What does the Bible have to say? William considers the Bible... (more)
The Roman Empire
by · 5642 views · LQ
When we think of Rome, we think of the Colosseum and many other ancient wonder that is in it. But now let us visit Rome and discover the two great wonder that disciples John saw... in the sky. (more)
The Remnant
by · 5582 views · HD
Revelation talks about the last group of God's people who the Devil will make war with at the end of time. Let's find out who is this group and what is their characteristic. (more)