Prophetica 2017

Great leaders remind us that the farther we can look back into our history the more clearly we can see our future. PROPHETICA 2017 looked as far back and as far forward as anyone ever has.

PROPHETICA 2017 was a weekend festival of high-powered speakers with mind-blowing insights and predictions that will excite and challenge your perceptions about earth’s future—your future—and inspire us all to change it.

Be prepared for 16 presentations full of practical, life-changing ideas, skills and experiences.

PROPHETICA 2017’s key themes included the latest discoveries in:

  • Essentials for healthy living
  • World events & the future
  • The future of marriage
  • Ancient predictions about our planet
  • Using food as medicine

Don’t miss this opportunity to view presentations from a world-class conference held right in the heart of Toowoomba City. You’ll soon be ready to live a happier, healthier, hope-filled life.

Release Date: 04 Jun 2018

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The Perils of Prediction (1/15)
by · 145 views · HQ
Can We Live Forever? (2/15)
by · 138 views · HQ
Can Archaeology Reveal Our Future? (3/15)
by · 146 views · HQ
Europe & ISIS - An Impossible Peace? (4/15)
by · 150 views · HQ
Blood In, Blood Out (5/15)
by · 125 views · HQ
History's Secret Codes Unearthed (6/15)
by · 134 views · HD
The Future of Food as Medicine (7/15)
by · 152 views · HQ
I've just have been diagnosed with high cholesterol or I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Can I change the way I live to help my condition? (more)
The Christmas Prophecies (8/15)
by · 126 views · HQ