Prophecies in the Bible

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1000 Years and the Lake of Fire
by · 6818 views · HQ
Now we know the sprit wondering around is not our loved one, then what actually happen to them? Let's open up our Bible! (more)
The Last Empire
by · 6304 views · HQ
Discover ancient prophecy of Scriptured revealing the very last Empire to exist here on planet Earth. (more)
Who Will Be the Last Emperor
by · 5678 views · HQ
The evidence from prophecy reveals that Jesus is the Son of God and the Saviour of the world. (more)
Meltdown of the Empire
by · 5687 views · HQ
Current events reveal that we need to prepare for the soon return of Jesus Christ and the end of the world. (more)
The Cursed Book of the Bible
by · 6414 views · HQ
You may be surprised to learn that there is actually a book of the Bible that is cursed. In this presentation you will learn just which one and why, furthermore Pastor Anderson will tie it in with an amazing prophe... (more)
Spirits Like Demons
by · 6606 views · HQ
The Bible reveals that activities of Satan will become more pronounced as we come closer to the time of Christ's Second Coming. The Apostle Paul warns that most people will be decieved by "the lie!" What is this an... (more)
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One Thousand Years of Desolation or Paradise?
by · 6645 views · HQ
What does the Bible say about the 1000 years in Revelation 20? Many ministers preach it will be a time of great prosperity and peace on earth, in which the entire world will be converted. Is that in harmony with... (more)
Deception & the Majority
by · 5356 views · LQ
During the period of the dark ages men and women did not have access to the Bible as we do today, it is in nearly every home in Australia, hundreds of thousands go to church each week in Melbourne, yet they are bein... (more)
Enemy Inside the Gates
by · 6054 views · HQ
In the Judgment men and women will not be condemned because they conscientiously believed a lie, but because they did not believe the truth, because they neglected the opportunity of learning what is truth. (more)
Armageddon and the Gathering of the Kings
by · 6101 views · HQ
Armageddon has long conjured up thoughts of war, violence and anarchy, but the meaning of the word and its application found in Revelation 16, has been confused and while it does talk of the future, it alerts all tr... (more)
Seven Mindblowing Prophecies
by · 5774 views · HQ
Since the dawn of time there have been those among us who have claimed to know the future, that they could prophecy. In this fast moving presentation you will be confronted with seven mind blowing prophecies that wi... (more)
The Event That Will End The World!
by · 5775 views · HQ
What final event will mark the end of this world? Will it be a stray asteroid, will it be chemical or nuclear warfare, will it be a worldwide famine, will the axis of the earth alter due to massive earthquakes which... (more)
The Secret of Happiness
by · 3097 views · HQ
It is in human nature to desire happiness, yet very few are able to find it. Let's learn the Bible's secret to happiness. (more)
How Soon Will Jesus Return?
by · 4100 views · HQ
The Bible never gives us an exact date when Jesus will come, but it does give us signs leading to it. (more)
When Jesus Comes for You
by · 3418 views · HQ
What are the signs of Jesus second coming? Is it true it'll be quiet and secret or is it going to be loud? Let's open up your Bible! (more)
Global Warning
by · 3535 views · HQ
Population explosion, melting ice caps, peak oil, food crises. What will bring about the end of our world? The Bible predicts cataclysmic signs of the end to take place in our time. (more)
Is There Anything You Can Trust?
by · 3055 views · HQ
Unlock the ancient secrets of prophecy and discover a dependable source for knowing the future. Discover how ancient prophecies can bring new hope with meaning and purpose into your life! (more)
USA & The New World Order
by · 5464 views · HQ
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666 & The Mark of the Beast
by · 5322 views · HQ
N/A (more)
Time Running Out
by · 4660 views · HQ