Prophecies in the Bible

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Who Will Control the World?
by · 170 views · HD
Who will control our world in the future? Will it be the United States, Israel or China? Will it be a religious leader such as the Pope or a United Europe? Will one of the nations of Islam dominate the new world? (more)
Secrets of Prophecy
by · 275 views · HD
Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future. Yet the Bible contains 1000s of prophecies that are, up to this day, 100% accurate. (more)
The New World Order
by · 1971 views · HD
The Bible predicts an upcoming new world power. Let's find out what it is! (more)
Seeing the Signs
by · 2152 views · HD
What is REALLY going on in our world? Brilliant scientific minds such as astrophysicist Steven Hawking have made bizarre predictions about the future of planet earth. Current world events suggest something BIG is ab... (more)
The Messiah and the Judgment
by · 2112 views · HD
Bible prophecy speaks of a coming Messiah and offers a hope-filled message late in the history of the world. (more)
Is There Hope For a Planet in Crisis?
by · 2083 views · HD
People are stressed and anxious. Pain, suffering and evil are everywhere we turn. Society is facing serious challenges that have got everyone worried. Is there any hope? (more)
The Remnant
by · 2915 views · HD
Revelation talk about the last group of God's people who the Devil will make war with at the end of time. Let's find out who is this group and what are their characteristic. (more)
The Woman in the Wilderness
by · 3055 views · HD
During the dark ages, God’s true people were prosecuted and must hid in the dry and barren places. This is how God protect and provide for His people.   (more)
The Laws of Health & Ancient Insights
by · 3460 views · HD
The Urgency of Our Times
by · 3303 views · HD
History Repeats - Roman Emperor Diocletian
by · 4395 views · HD
The Roman Emperor Diocletian was responsible for brutally intense persecution of Christians. When persecution beings again, God wants you to be ready. (more)
Reasons to be Nervous About America
by · 3932 views · HQ
The Prophecy Everybody Needs to Know
by · 2796 views · HQ
History's Secret Codes Unearthed
by · 3819 views · HD
The Christmas Prophecies
by · 3369 views · HQ
The Perils of Prediction
by · 2897 views · HQ
Europe & ISIS - An Impossible Peace?
by · 2845 views · HQ
1000 Years and the Lake of Fire
by · 13609 views · HQ
Now we know the sprit wondering around is not our loved one, then what actually happen to them? Let's open up our Bible! (more)
The Last Empire
by · 12399 views · HQ
Discover ancient prophecy of Scriptured revealing the very last Empire to exist here on planet Earth. (more)