"Baptism Testimony" by Doris Tu

"Baptism Testimony" by Doris Tu [HQ]

Baptism testimony & ceremony

Date Posted: 05 Nov 2015
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Leah Lee - Baptism Testimony
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Through the biblical teachings about health, Leah came to know God. Includes special music by ASOC CARE Group. (more)
By Beholding His Love
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Lisa Santos was a lesbian and always wanted to be a boy, but she keep this a secret for so long that it started to eat her away. But it is no secret what God can do. She is now a new creature! (more)
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I Don't Want to Preach Today
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GAC worship service 1st Aug 2020 (more)
Shawn & Tiana Baptism
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Baptism Testimony
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Growing up in a Sunday church, Amanda sort of knew that there is a God. But she never know God personally.   (more)
Baptism Testimony
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Baptism testimony & ceremony (more)
Baptism Testimony
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Growing up in China, Nita was an atheist who believes in the communist party, Marxism and materialism and not interesting in anything to do with religion. (more)
Re-Commitment Testimony
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Re-commitment testimony of Easter Lee (more)
Baptism & Testimony
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Baptism testmony by Mandy Lee. Mandy is the mother of William Lei whose got baptise just weeks ago. (more)
How I Become Vegetarian
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Peter Sehm and his wife, Kaye, have been vegetarian for about 30 years. However Peter was not brought up as one. Peter was born in Germany and he ate all meats; mainly horse meat and sometime pig. What caused this c... (more)