"Baptism & Testimony" by Chris Guo

"Baptism and Testimony" by Chris Guo [HQ]

Baptism ceremony & testmony by Chris Guo

Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011
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Baptism Testimony
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After Andy began to read the Bible on his own, he began to have many questions. Unfortunately, his Jehovah's Witness Bible teacher couldn't answer them. Then an unexpected encounter at Melbourne Airport brought him ... (more)
Baptism & Testimony
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A seriously funny look at investing – our tendency to store up "acorns" and build bigger "barns". It's a tough-love message for anyone with a successful business, trusts or investments. (more)
Baptism Testimony
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Baptism testimony & ceremony (more)
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Jerry Sut - Baptism Testimony
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Graham Hood comes from a broken family. Despite his successful career as an airline captain, in 2006 he was planning take his own life. Now he has dedicated his life to restore broken lives. Let's find out how God h... (more)
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I is a father of 4 years old daughter and a year old son. Let's listen to his testimony on the blessing and the challenges of being a father and how God had blessed him along the way. (more)
My Testimony
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Pr Louis Torres was a rock performer in a famous band. Find out how God led him from this exotic lifestyle to become a Christian and to decide to give his life to fulfilling God\'s purpose for him. (more)
Baptism & Testimony
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Is it possible to be financially secure without becoming spiritually bankrupt? Plus an eye-opening look at why Australians are so depressingly rich. (more)