"Manhood Matters" by Graham Hood

Our world is full of grown men with the psychology of immature boys. Women all over the world are asking the same question; "Where have all the real men gone?"

Manhood Matters program explores the causes of this growing problem and what we as a community of men can do about it.

Graham Hood is an Airline Captain with over 45 year of flying experience. He is also keen public speaker and presenter on many topics including men's issues, communication, motivation and awareness. He is very keen and passionate about restoring broken lives. He is very happily married to his wife Michelle and between them they have 6 children and 13 grandchildren.

Release Date: 30 May 2013

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My Testimony (1/5)
by · 11547 views · HQ
Graham Hood comes from a broken family. Despite his successful career as an airline captain, in 2006 he was planning take his own life. Now he has dedicated his life to restore broken lives. Let's find out how God h... (more)
Authentic Manhood (2/5)
by · 9340 views · HQ
To be a man is to be tough. Men don't ask for help, men don't cry and men can handle it all. Yet one man every four hours takes his own life in Australia alone. What has gone wrong? (more)
Healing Power of Grace (3/5)
by · 14434 views · HQ
Michelle was sexually abused at the aged of 9 by a church elder. Unable to tell anyone, the next 30 years was a disaster. But today she is a believer of Jesus Christ who set her free! (more)
Reconciliation (4/5)
by · 11117 views · HQ
95% of children said they are being abused tell the truth. But Graham is in the other 5%. What started as a lie to revenge his father became the truth. If we do not consider reconciliation, we are missing a golden o... (more)
Living for a Good Funeral (5/5)
by · 6635 views · HQ
What do you want your children to say about you in your funeral? It's a big question that every Christian need to ask themselves. (more)