"Discover Bible Study" by Pr. Lonnie Melashenko

Discover Meaning in Today's World

You will be drawn closer to Christ and His Word as you study such topics as the significance of the cross, the meaning of baptism and the glory of the Second Coming. Each presentation is 28 minutes in length and is on the same topic as a printed guide with the same title. You may use the DVDs alone, with the printed guides, or with the Discover Discussion Sheets.

Pr. Lonnie Melashenko has decades of experience as a pastor and evangelist. His firm, biblical teaching makes a real connection between what the Bible says and what people today are feeling and thinking.

Release Date: 12 Dec 2012

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We Can Believe in God (1/26)
by · 8896 views · HQ
Did you ever notice that life on earth as we know it sustained by an exploding hydrogen bomb called the sun? Did you ever stop to wonder how many incredibly complicated systems in your body have to function in perfe... (more)
We Can Believe the Bible (2/26)
by · 9124 views · HQ
Did you know archaeologists are constantly finding clues from the world of the Bible? They have confirmed many historical details that were only found in the Bible record. (more)
Does My Life Really Matter to God (3/26)
by · 9474 views · HQ
Our world is filled with stark contrast. There were moments that makes feel life is incredibly precious and there were moments that make you feel life is hell. You'll come across scenes that inspired you for the res... (more)
A Plan for Your Life (4/26)
by · 8263 views · HQ
Did you ever get bored with your life? Did you with there are something better planned for your life? (more)
Bridge to Satisfying Life (5/26)
by · 8481 views · HQ
Have you ever felt the overwhelming guilt of doing something wrong? Perhaps you have hurt your loved one or perhaps you have just said something that you shouldn't. Guilt can crush you and sometimes we can flounder ... (more)
A Second Chance at Life (6/26)
by · 8610 views · HQ
There are plenty of hurts behind big smiles and successful faces. Perhaps you are hiding a deep wound yourself and just wish that you could have a second chance at life? Well, you can! (more)
The Secret of Happiness (7/26)
by · 8150 views · HQ
It is in human nature to desire happiness, yet very few are able to find it. Let's learn the Bible's secret to happiness. (more)
When Jesus Comes for You (8/26)
by · 9372 views · HQ
What are the signs of Jesus second coming? Is it true it'll be quiet and secret or is it going to be loud? Let's open up your Bible! (more)
Your Home in Heaven (9/26)
by · 8152 views · HQ
Ask a handful of people the question, "What do you think Heaven will be like?" Chances are they will all give you different answers. However do you know that the Bible does give us quite a number glimpses what it'll... (more)
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How Soon Will Jesus Return? (10/26)
by · 9365 views · HQ
The Bible never gives us an exact date when Jesus will come, but it does give us signs leading to it. (more)
Mysterious Power in My Life (11/26)
by · 7909 views · HQ
Do have bad habits in your life that you know are bad and you want to get rid of, but somehow you can't? Let's learn about a resource that God has given us that can help you with your struggle! (more)
What and Where is Hell? (12/26)
by · 8630 views · HQ
Most of us think that hell is a place where a wicked people eventually will be thrown into and punished forever. If this is true, doesn't this make God the ultimate abuser? (more)
Guilty Sinner to Forgiven Saint (13/26)
by · 8143 views · HQ
What if someone can dig up your past, knowing everything you ever did? What affect will this have on their opinion about you? Well, the Bible says God will do just that at the end time. Are going to be qualified for... (more)
The Secret of Answered Prayer (14/26)
by · 8817 views · HQ
Did you know regularly answered prayer is the birthright of every believer? It is not just a gift for a few saints. The Bible teaches a few things to make our prayer more effective. Let's find out! (more)
The Secret of Happiness (15/26)
by · 6013 views · HQ
Did you know regularly answered prayer is the birthright of every believer? It is not just a gift for a few saints. The Bible teaches a few things to make our prayer more effective. (more)
The Secret of Heavenly Rest (16/26)
by · 8643 views · HQ
Do you ever feel that despite all the time saving devices we have invented, we never seem to have enough time? (more)
The Secret of Growth Through Sharing (17/26)
by · 7585 views · HQ
It is a joy telling others about Christ. It is a joy that comes from deep in our heart. (more)
The Secret of Healthy Lifestyle (18/26)
by · 8240 views · HQ
We live in a world that is full of all kinds of diseases. Believe it or not, God himself has given us a health guidelines in the Bible. (more)
Entering the Christian Life (19/26)
by · 7906 views · HQ
Anyone who has tried to live an honest and morally upright life knows how hard it is to do so. Something inside us just keeps giving in to the enemy. Why does this happen and how can it be overcome? (more)
The Secret of Growth Through Fellowship (20/26)
by · 8893 views · HQ
If you think church is boring and only for those who have nothing better to do, maybe you have never experience the power of real worship. Let's find out how good church fellowship can help you grow in your spiritua... (more)