""Refresh" - Practical Tips for Dealing with Stress" by Dr. Samuel Sidharta

Endure life's pressures with energy, determination and a clear mind.

This three-session seminar provides practical, easy-to-apply lifestyle tips to reduce your stress and improve your total well-being and productivity.

Don't stress - refresh! For a healthier mind and body.

Release Date: 17 May 2011

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Tick Tock: A Different Kind of Biological Clock (1/3)
by · 11027 views · HQ
Our body has different kinds of biological clocks. Recently, scientists have begun discovering a new biological clock called circaseptan rhythm. What is it? How does it relate to stress? Discover in this seminar. (more)
Could It Be This Simple? (2/3)
by · 8299 views · HQ
We all want to have happiness, joy, enthusiasm and excitement in our life. Let's discover a simple remedy to have these in our life! (more)
Tips for Relieving Stress (3/3)
by · 10645 views · HQ
Each year billions of dollars spend on stress relief "solution". Does it really have to cost that much? Discover 5 practical steps to managing stress that won't cost you a cent! (more)
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