"Parenting with a Purpose" by Tom and Alane Waters

Since this ministry began in 1989, our travels have taken us to almost every state in the USA and many other countries around the globe.  Everywhere we see people under relentless stress: marriages in crises, families crumbling and discontented, rebellious children and youth. This is not only happening in the world at large, but in the lives and homes of the professed Christian community.  Anger, fear, anxiety, lust, gluttony, bitterness, hatred and immorality are all signs and symptoms that something is greatly lacking.  Every imaginable outlet has been tried, but the problem is getting worse — not better.  Is there any hope of finding true peace and happiness?

Release Date: 03 Feb 2011

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Preserving the Family (1/3)
by · 8396 views · HD
Did you know that the Devil hates the family? Because when we have a strong family, we have a strong church. Discover Biblical principles to strengthen your family.  (more)
Parenting with a Purpose (2/3)
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What is the ultimate goal of parenting? The world gives us many different answers to this question. Find out what the purpose of parenting is - from the Bible - and how to fulfill this purpose. (more)
ABC's of Parenting (3/3)
by · 9770 views · HD
What are the basic building blocks of good parenting? The Bible contains principles that provide hope for many of the problems that families experience today. Learn from the best Parent how to parent your children. (more)