"Refresh - Practical Tips for Dealing with Stress" by Daryl Cheng & June Mlronowlcz

Lectures, assignments, group meetings, work, friends, exams...ARGH!

This two-session seminar will help you understand your mind and body more and to treat them better. Be refreshed
and prepared for exams.

Release Date: 13 May 2010

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Tick Tock - A Different Kind of Biological Clock (1/2)
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Stressed? Tired out? Never have enough time? This fascinating seminar explores the concept of rest and how it maximises time. The scientific concepts of daily and weekly rest are investigated in both science and the... (more)
Stress Management and Nutrition (2/2)
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Chocolates, lollies, and cake hmm… this is the kind of food most of us eat when we are stressed. But did you know what you eat have a big influence on your stress level? Let's find out! (more)