"Mental Resilience in time of COVID-19" by Cyndee Chung & Tina Wong

If u want to deal with life’s challenges in a more resilient way, this four- parts series is for you.

You will learn about the power of thinking, the power of choice as given in the Ancient word of God.

You will also learn to apply those principles in your daily life, especially in this time of uncertainty. The workshop will be delivered through presentations, practical activities and group discussions.

Presenters: Tina Wong and Cyndee Chung , certified counsellors

Release Date: 13 Apr 2020

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Understanding Your Emotions (1/4)
by · 2786 views · HD
It is unfortunate that many of us are not able to understand our own emotion. We get angry, throw tantrum, and get into depression as the result. (more)
Understanding Our Distorted Thinking (2/4)
by · 2844 views · HD
Many of us have a distorted way of thinking which will lead to disastrous behaviour. Let us straighten that out! (more)
Common Irrational Believe (3/4)
by · 2296 views · HQ
Many of us have irrational belief. What are the most common? And how can we correct them? (more)