"One Thousand Years of Desolation or Paradise?" by Rod Anderson

"One Thousand Years of Desolation or Paradise?" by Rod Anderson [HQ]

What does the Bible say about the 1000 years in Revelation 20? Many ministers preach it will be a time of great prosperity and peace on earth, in which the entire world will be converted. Is that in harmony with the Bible?

Date Posted: 10 Apr 2014
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Its Happening Now!
"Some of the most important warnings in the Bible have been misrepresented on hidden, now is your opportunity to hear the complelling truth" - Pr. Rod Anderson The Truth has nothing to fear from inve... [more]

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True Meaning of Christmas (25/27)
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The Countdown Has Begun! (1/27)
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Dramatic are the signs that signal the end of this world as we know it today, but unnervingly, we are seeing them taking place now! Our world is on a precipice and will soon topple over, do you know what to look ou... (more)
Seven Mindblowing Prophecies (2/27)
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The Event That Will End The World! (3/27)
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Christianity’s Greatest Mistake! (4/27)
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Armageddon and the Gathering of the Kings (5/27)
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Armageddon has long conjured up thoughts of war, violence and anarchy, but the meaning of the word and its application found in Revelation 16, has been confused and while it does talk of the future, it alerts all tr... (more)
Enemy Inside the Gates (10/27)
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In the Judgment men and women will not be condemned because they conscientiously believed a lie, but because they did not believe the truth, because they neglected the opportunity of learning what is truth. (more)
History of the Sabbath (11/27)
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There is a history to Christianity that most Christians know nothing about, that stretches from the end of the first century AD to the end of the eighteenth century. It was a time when God's people were misreprese... (more)
Loyalty Amidst Peril (12/27)
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Faithfulness, loyalty and obedience are valuable qualities which certainly demonstrate a noble and upright character. However these Christian virtues so aptly demonstrated by great men and women of old, have often ... (more)
Deception & the Majority (13/27)
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During the period of the dark ages men and women did not have access to the Bible as we do today, it is in nearly every home in Australia, hundreds of thousands go to church each week in Melbourne, yet they are bein... (more)
The Afterlife - Part I (14/27)
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The Afterlife - Part II (15/27)
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Three great examples that at first seem to contradict everything we have learned in the previous presentation, but in fact with careful study reinforces, and harmonizes all that God through His word has already decl... (more)
One Thousand Years of Desolation or Paradise? (16/27)
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What does the Bible say about the 1000 years in Revelation 20? Many ministers preach it will be a time of great prosperity and peace on earth, in which the entire world will be converted. Is that in harmony with... (more)
The Day Hell’s Fire Goes Out! (17/27)
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In this presentation you will be amazed to discover how big hell really is, and there is a day when its fires go out. You will discover what is the final reward of the devil, does he live on tormenting the lost in... (more)
The Women of Revelation (18/27)
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The book of Revelation reveals two women symbolizing churches. The good woman in Revelation 12 identifies God's church and people through the ages, but the second woman, the woman/church of Revelation 17, known as ... (more)
Is Eternal Torment And Everlasting Fire Real? (19/27)
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Powerful and threatening have been the sermons that priests, ministers and pastors have unleashed upon their congregations, all espousing the virtues and the danger of hell's fire. What is the truth? (more)
Spirits Like Demons (21/27)
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The Bible reveals that activities of Satan will become more pronounced as we come closer to the time of Christ's Second Coming. The Apostle Paul warns that most people will be decieved by "the lie!" What is this an... (more)
Water, Death and Resurrection (22/27)
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Mistakes are made in every person's life, we look back over life's journey and we see things that we are ashamed off or regret. People often wish if there was only a way to take those things back, to make things rig... (more)
Is Genesis Chapter One Trustworthy? (23/27)
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The simplistic view outlined in the book of Genesis that God simply spoke the world into existence in six literal days, have sent the scientific community since the end of the 1700's to ridicule the very notion that... (more)
The Cursed Book of the Bible (24/27)
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You may be surprised to learn that there is actually a book of the Bible that is cursed. In this presentation you will learn just which one and why, furthermore Pastor Anderson will tie it in with an amazing prophe... (more)


The Awful Ride of the Four Horsemen
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The book of Revelation reveals the awful ride of the four horsemen. Let\'s find out what is it and why this is very important for us, the last generations, to know. (more)
Who is Israel?
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Today, millions of people are looking for the decedent of Abraham to build a literal kingdom of God in this earth. But the important question is, is the modern day Israel still the Israel of God? Let's find out. (more)
The Cursed Chapter of the Book of Daniel
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The book of Daniel contains many amazing prophecies. However one of them is especially cursed by a certain group of people. It not meant to be read nor studied and to be sealed forever. Let’s find out what it ... (more)
Heaven, Is it for Real?
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What is heaven really like? Is there any reliable information about what is it truly like? (more)
Where on Earth is Hell?
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Would a loving God burn people in hell forever? Does hell even exist? If it does, who's in charge? If it doesn't how do you stop or punish evil? Discover clear Biblical insights about hell which provide hope and ass... (more)
Meltdown of the Empire
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Current events reveal that we need to prepare for the soon return of Jesus Christ and the end of the world. (more)
Where Do We Go When We Die?
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With books about near death experience are hitting the top seller list, is there any truth in it? Is death really not the end? is the spirit world real? Let's find out about from the Bible. (more)
Hope Beyond Tomorrow
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For centuries men kind has a quest for eternity. The Egyptian built pyramid for eternity, the Babylonian built temples for the god of immortality, but is there really hope for us to have immortal life? (more)
The Great Judgement Day
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N/A (more)
Written in Blood
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When God created the World, it was perfect. But sin enters this world and the world became corrupted. Let's find out about the oldest prophecy in the Bible about what God plan is for this fallen world. (more)
When Jesus Comes for You
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What are the signs of Jesus second coming? Is it true it'll be quiet and secret or is it going to be loud? Let's open up your Bible! (more)
Ancient Rome & The USA in Prophecy
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What is the United States has to do with Biblical prophecy? In fact they are the centre of the book of Revelation, let’s find out what the Bible has predicted about them and how they’ll lead into us the ultimate dec... (more)