"Geniosity - The Art of Being a Genius" by Dr. Daryl Cheng

You know that smart kid in school. Or that brilliant colleague that never needed ANY effort. If only that was you or me. But why can't it be? Can I buy, learn or simply discover geniosity?

Learn about the fascinating interactions between emotion,thinking and perception - and the irrelevance to achieving top performance & success

Dr Daryl Cheng graduated from Monash University and is a medical doctor at the Royal Children's Hospital. Also a student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, he is passionate about sharing about preventative health and its impacts on university students, professionals and the community

Release Date: 13 Mar 2014

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Talent on Fire (1/3)
by · 9147 views · HQ
We are all born with a certain level of intelligence. But that doesn't mean there's nothing we can do about it! (more)
Inspiration or Intelligence? (2/3)
by · 9338 views · HQ
Is having high IQ is everything you need to excel in life? (more)
Perseverance in Failure (3/3)
by · 8745 views · HQ
We all face failure in our life. It is how we handle it that can make all the difference! (more)