"Charge Your Life" by Johnny Wong

Take your higher education & career higher with simple biblical principles that will show you how to enjoy excellence, balance and fulfilment at university, at your workplace and beyond!

Johnny Wong, a graduate of Monash University, has held senior management positions at Oracle Corporation and Hewlett-Packard. He has not only enjoyed career excellence but balance and fulfilment in life. Johnny is an international speaker who is passionate about helping young people make positive changes to dramatically improve their lives.

Release Date: 14 Mar 2013

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Plug In, Charge Up (1/3)
by · 6888 views · HQ
Three simple principles will help you to charge up your life - body, mind and soul. (more)
Upgrade Your Outlook (2/3)
by · 6899 views · HQ
Challenges can be opportunities; weaknesses can become strengths. Look at things differently and watch your life explode with potential. (more)
Reboot (3/3)
by · 6683 views · HQ
Get to the root of the bad habits that keep you from excellence. Learn how to change your mind - not just your behaviour. (more)