"The Radical Prayer" by Pr. Derek Morris

Are you willing to give God permission to revolutionize your life and leave you amazed at the results? Discover the incredibly powerful prayer that enables God to change the world through you.

What others are saying: “In an age of confusion and deception people desperately need to hear the truth about Jesus.  The Radical Prayer challenges us to move beyond the status quo and to join the Lord of the harvest in His work. I recommend this book to every Christian who is serious about making a difference in the world.” — Josh McDowell, Christian Apologist and Author.

Derek J. Morris currently serves as the editor of Ministry, an international journal for pastors. His sermons are viewed worldwide on Hope Channel. He is an internationally known speaker and writer—author of the best-selling books The Radical Teachings of Jesus and Radical Protection. His greatest joy is helping others experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus. He and his wife Bodil share a unique hobby: writing Scripture songs together.

Release Date: 15 Nov 2012

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Radical Prayer (1/3)
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"Help me to have a nice day" Did you remember these safe little prayer that your parent teaches you? Sadly most Christian never grows beyond these. When was the last time you prayed a life-changing prayer? (more)
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Radical Dependence (2/3)
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Have you ever been asked by God to do something and you hesitated because you thought that someone else could do better? Although they might be better, when we're not good enough, God is! (more)
Radical Protection (3/3)
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"Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil" Ephesian 6:11. You may never encounter it, but the battle between good and evil is real! And unless you have this armour... (more)
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