"Back to Eden" by Kaye Sehm

Building on Back to Eden Series 1, Kaye Sehm again presents a new series of recipes and remedies to promote health and well-being. Get ready to discover many more delicious but healthy dishes as well as simple natural poultices, herbs and other remedies that can bring healing to you, your family and your friends.

Kaye Sehm has had an interest in health and healing for over twenty years after she became a vegan vegetarian and made lifestyle changes which saw a great improvement in her health. Since then she has had a passion to share this knowledge with others. She regularly conducts different classes which not only share the Eight Laws of health including vegan vegetarian cooking, but also share her vast knowledge in simple home remedies for many different ailments. She is editor of the Back to Eden newsletter and has compiled a vegan recipe book. She is a Christian Natural Health Instructor registered by the Vocational Education Training and Employment Commission and has a Nutritional Herbologist Certificate.

Release Date: 13 Sep 2012

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How I Become Vegetarian (1/9)
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Peter Sehm and his wife, Kaye, have been vegetarian for about 30 years. However Peter was not brought up as one. Peter was born in Germany and he ate all meats; mainly horse meat and sometime pig. What caused this c... (more)
Vegetarian Lasagne (2/9)
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Cooking demonstration. (more)
Vegan Cheese Cake (3/9)
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Cooking demonstration. (more)
Spanish Ommelette (4/9)
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Cooking demonstration. (more)
Whipped Toppings (5/9)
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Cooking demonstration. (more)
What to do for Breakfast? (6/9)
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Common Australian breakfast consist of fried egg and bacon and perhaps some cereal with milk. Now we know these are not good for our body, what can we do? Here is some recipes that are excellent for breakfast. (more)
Carob Candy Cluster (7/9)
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The traditional Australian breakfast consists of fried egg and bacon or perhaps cereal with milk. Now we know these are not good for our body, what can we do? Here are some recipes that are excellent for breakf... (more)