"Who is God?" By Lloyd Grolimund

Millions of people have very different views about God. He is the object of worship for almost every major religion on earth, while at the same time being the focus of derision and ridicule by many. Some find God to be vengeful and harsh, seeking to bring eternal hell and damnation to those who don't worship Him. Others believe in a God who neither talks nor communicates with mankind. To them He may as well be dead.

None of these views is the God of the Bible; rather they are just man's fanciful imaginings of who God is.

In 5 questions to God you will be introduced to a living God who loves mankind. He is a God who talks with His followers and you can be in the most intimate of terms with Him if you choose.

If your heart longs for a real God then this is a series you must see!

Release Date: 05 Jan 2011

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Who is God? (1/4)
by · 4196 views · LQ
Does God really exist, or is He just the imagination of millions of Christians? And if He does really exists, who is He? (more)
What Does God Want? What does God Mean to Me? (2/4)
by · 5604 views · LQ
What does God really want from me? Why should I be bothered with Him? (more)
Why Does God Have Laws? (3/4)
by · 5026 views · LQ
If God is the God of love, why does He have laws? Let's learn from the Bible why He has the laws, and what purpose it has. The answer might not what you think! (more)
Why is There Pain and Suffering? (4/4)
by · 4722 views · LQ
If God is so good, then Why is there pain and suffering? This is a question that we have all asked at some stage. See what the Bible has to say on this matter and discover the reasons behind all the evil in the worl... (more)