"A Bible Guide to the Trinity" By Lloyd Grolimund

Who really is God? Is He three people or one - one or three? What does the Bible tell us? Find out in this series that answers some of these baffling questions.

Release Date: 05 Jan 2011

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Who is Jesus? (1/3)
by · 4967 views · LQ
Do you ever feel that emptiness/thirst in your heart that never goes away? Many tries to fill it in with more money, more car, etc with no result. Let's find out the Biblical answer to this so that you wil... (more)
Who is the Holy Spirit? (2/3)
by · 5742 views · LQ
This is probably one of the most contreversial topic among Christian churches. Let's open up the Bible together to find out the Biblical answer to this question and what the Holy Spirit got to do with us t... (more)
Who is the Father? (3/3)
by · 4629 views · LQ
With so many different interpretation of "Who is God" out there (even among the Cristian Churches) how do we know which one is the true one? Let's find out. (more)
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