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Release Date: 06 Aug 2020

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Trusting God in Troublous Times (1/20)
by · 8117 views · HD
Let us look back on how Biblical patriarchs overcome the troublous times of their life and how can we take the same principles to overcome ours. (more)
Inescapable Realities on the Plain of Dura (2/20)
by · 9260 views · HD
What happened at the plain of Dura during the Biblical time inevitably will happen to us who lives at the end of time. Let's find out what happens and what we can learn from the Biblical patriarchs on how to overcom... (more)
The Same God Today (3/20)
by · 8573 views · HD
Mindset in the Midst of Crisis (4/20)
by · 8849 views · HD
Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures; unprecedented measures lead to unprecedented responses. How can we be more ready to face these unprecedented time of our life? (more)
Life Through Death (5/20)
by · 7380 views · HD
I Don't Want to Preach Today (6/20)
by · 8537 views · HD
GAC worship service 1st Aug 2020 (more)
Breast Cancer Treatments (7/20)
by · 10473 views · HD
Breast cancer surgeon Dr Henry To will be discussing the latest breast cancer treatments, and how to support someone who is trying to make a decision on which treatments to undertake. (more)