"The Appearing" By Shawn Boonstra

As debates and theories about end-of-the-world events permeate the popular media, Shawn Boonstra, in his new series The Appearing, takes a closer look at what the ancient prophecies of the Bible actually say, and pieces together a startling but undeniable picture of last-day events that may come as a surprise to many people. The Appearing utilizes the precision of Bible prophecy to present a hope-filled and encouraging biblical view about the Second Coming of Christ.

Release Date: 10 Oct 2008

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A Planet in Upheaveal (1/5)
by · 6131 views · LQ
Tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, floods… What in the world is going on? (more)
Planet Earth (2/5)
by · 6432 views · LQ
Revelation speaks of a final conflict. How does it affect you? (more)
The Appearing (3/5)
by · 12662 views · LQ
What the ancients saw, you will experience! What will the Second Coming be like? (more)
When History Repeats Itself (4/5)
by · 5063 views · LQ
Does a Medieval cover-up threaten your future? What should we believe about Christ’s Second Coming? (more)
The Day After (5/5)
by · 5864 views · LQ
Where will you be one day after the appearing? (more)