"My God & My Place in History" by Gateway VBS

This vacation Bible school series is design for young teenagers. We will be learning:

- FIVE big questions and understanding the plan of salvation

- Discover your role and place in the most important story of the world’s history

"If the youth would but make the Bible their study, would but calm their impetuous desires, and listen to the voice of their Creator and Redeemer, they would not only be at peace with God, but would find themselves ennobled and elevated. It will be for your eternal interest, my young friend, to give heed to the instructions in the Word of God, for they are of inestimable importance to you." – MYP211

Release Date: 17 Jan 2019

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Why Am I Here? (1/8)
by · 14899 views · HD
If bees, whales and cats have a purpose for its existence, do we have a purpose too? (more)
War in Heaven (2/8)
by · 11339 views · HD
Did you know before the world was created, there was a war in heaven? This war is still raging, and we are caught in the middle. Let's find out what happened, why it happens and who are the major players? (more)
Why Do Bad Things Happen? (3/8)
by · 11028 views · HD
If God is so good and made us perfect, then why so many bad things happen? (more)
Why Did Jesus Die? (5/8)
by · 18261 views · HD
How can Jesus dying on the cross save us from our sins? How does that help us to be more like Him? Does He really have to die in the process? (more)
The Woman in the Wilderness (6/8)
by · 10620 views · HD
During the dark ages, God's true people were prosecuted and must hide in the dry and barren places. This is how God protect and provide for His people. (more)
Why Do We Need The Law? (7/8)
by · 20158 views · HD
Why did God create the ten commandments? Why is it necessary? Is it just restricting our freedom? (more)
The Remnant (8/8)
by · 10881 views · HD
Revelation talks about the last group of God's people who the Devil will make war with at the end of time. Let's find out who is this group and what is their characteristic. (more)