Inside the Lost Ark
by · 23 views · HD
Among all the speculation, nobody is certain where the Ark of the Covenant is today. What was so special about the Ark? Is the search for the lost Ark just a treasure hunt or is there more to it? What was inside the... (more)
Inescapable Realities on the Plain of Dura
by · 20 views · HD
What happened at the plain of Dura during the Biblical time inevitably will happen to us who lives at the end of time. Let's find out what happens and what we can learn from the Biblical patriarchs on how to overcom... (more)
Gratitude Training
by · 183 views · HQ
Did you know a grateful heart can keep your heartbeat steadier than resting or sleeping? Being grateful is not only good for your emotional health but also physical health! (more)
Q&A & Cash Flow Management
by · 139 views · HQ
Learn how to manage your budgeting and cash flow without destroying your marriage. (more)
Rebuilding The Temple
by · 94 views · HD
What was the purpose of the ancient temple (also known as the tabernacle or sanctuary)? What did all the symbols and ceremonies represent? Should the temple be rebuilt today? (more)
Fruit Salad Kids - Ep.03
by · 87 views · HQ
Sing along, Bible study, craft, cooking & much more! (more)
God's Promise
by · 81 views · HQ
Covid-19 - Spirit of Urgency
by · 209 views · HD
Could the COVID-19 epidemic be a warning sign for us all to what about to come? (more)
Super Savers
by · 195 views · HQ
It is vital for us to have enough saving at this uncertain time. Here are some tips. (more)
Common Irrational Believe
by · 186 views · HQ
Many of us have irrational belief. What are the most common? And how can we correct them? (more)
God's Warning
by · 136 views · HQ
The book of Revelation has a warning for us who lives at the end of time. Let us find out what they are! (more)
Life in a Book
by · 108 views · HQ
The Mystery Man of Prophecy
by · 127 views · HD
In what may be the greatest of all prophecies, the ancient prophet Daniel predicted important events in the history of the Jews. This included the exact date for the coming of the Messiah (more)
Steps to Spiritual Freedom
by · 285 views · HD
Do you feel sometimes as if you are captive to guilt, discouragement, deep-seated addictions, abuse, self-centredness or low self-esteem? The good news is that a loving God has developed a rescue plan for you. (more)
Fruit Salad Kids - Ep.02
by · 176 views · HQ
Sing along, Bible study, craft, cooking & much more! (more)
But Now
by · 172 views · HQ
The book of Roman talks about the need of all humanity regardless of race or wealth to change their way. (more)
Discipline or Disciple Your Kids
by · 292 views · HQ
Some parent disciplines their kids like an army sergeant, some do not discipline at all. Let us learn the Biblical principles of when and how to discipline your children! (more)
Understanding Our Distorted Thinking
by · 269 views · HD
Many of us have a distorted way of thinking which will lead to disastrous behaviour. Let us straighten that out! (more)
Does God Care?
by · 225 views · HD
If God is love, why does He allow sin, pain and suffering? (more)
God's Message
by · 181 views · HQ
The book of Revelation has a message for us who lives at the end of time. Let us find out what they are! (more)